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Industry Media launches digital business magazines Canadian Industry Online and Global Renewables Online

KITCHENER, ON, Dec. 2, 2011 /CNW/ - Interactive digital publishers Industry Media today announced the official launch of new business magazines Canadian Industry Online and Global Renewables Online.

Industry Media will produce and distribute Canadian Industry Online and Global Renewables Online every month, promoting a mandate to share Canadian business innovation successes as well as the most important advances in renewable energy and sustainable business development. Industry Media, along with official partners the Atlantic Provinces Chambers of Commerce, the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association, the Canadian Geothermal Association, and key partners internationally such as the African Wind and Energy Association, works to advance knowledge sharing among business leaders around the world, and contribute to dialogues about economic progress.

"We are very pleased to have the opportunity to share the successes of large Canadian and international corporations through our publications, as well as promote those SMEs that have incredible growth stories," said Editor in Chief Sara Kopamees. "Together with our valued partners, we look forward to bringing our readers into discussions on business strategy and change."

In the first issue of Canadian Industry Online, readers can access interviews with key business leaders and innovators, including W. Brett Wilson, BESTECH, Bishop Water Technologies, 1,000 Island Airboats, Canadian Chemical Technologies, ABB Ber-Mac, and Dutchman Industries. The magazine also features an exclusive interview with Google's Canadian Engineering Director Steve Woods and covers events such as the Toronto Board of Trade's energy panel discussion with Joe Oliver (Canada's Minister of Natural Resources).

The premiere issue of Global Renewables Online covers a large scope of renewable activity in geothermal, wind, and solar sectors. The magazine examines critical issues such as public awareness of renewable energy as well as the significance of emerging economies in the development of the renewables industry. Exclusives from REN21 (partners of the United Nations Environment Programme) and Alexander Richter, Executive Director for the Canadian Geothermal Association, showcase the importance of renewable energy as a part of the global economy.

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About Canadian Industry Online

Canadian Industry Online (CIO) is Canada's newest digital business magazine, committed to connecting Canadians who are the best and brightest in their fields. The magazine showcases the innovative business practices, histories, and strategies that make up one of the world's strongest economies.

Focused on growth and excellence in Canada, the editorial mandate of CIO is to provide critical insight into the most pressing business issues. The CIO team consists of experts in every sector — from healthcare to manufacturing, supply chain management to professional services.

Each month the magazine is distributed Canada-wide to over 20,000 senior business executives in each major business industry, and the digital Canadian Industry Online network sees many more access CIO's ever-expanding content.

About Global Renewables Online (GRO)

The way societies grow and develop greatly depend on their ability to secure and ensure reliable and affordable energy sources. Around the world, businesses are driving energy development—finding ways to create clean energy from natural sources; wind, water, from the earth's natural energies, and from the sun.

Global Renewables Online (GRO) works with major multi-national organizations, companies, and field experts to share successes in renewable energy development. From infrastructure projects to new renewable energy development technologies, GRO's mandate is to bring the latest in renewable developments to readers around the world. The magazine is one source, one window, into the most advanced forms of energy production.

Global Renewables Online (GRO) covers a multitude of critical business and social issues in renewable energy development, and offers exclusive looks into the world's largest energy conglomerates. The magazine delves into energy security, economic development, environmental issues, and profiles the biggest names in energy production—all in the interest of exploring how renewables fit into the energy equation. The magazine is sent digitally to over 20,000 senior executives every month—key decision-makers who will ultimately drive the use of renewables forward.

About Industry Media

Industry Media is an interactive publishing company dedicated to serving the information needs of business professionals in Canada and abroad. Headquartered in Kitchener-Waterloo, the technology hub of North America, Industry Media produces online magazines Canadian Industry Online (CIO) and Global Renewables Online (GRO), with a mandate to share Canadian innovation success nationally and beyond, as well as showcase the best in international renewable energy development. Both magazines are produced monthly, with an aim to engage a senior executive audience—readers who are the best and brightest in their fields.

Companies who work with Industry Media have a variety of different opportunities through which to expose themselves to a Canadian and international customer base, through advertisements and editorial packages in the magazines.

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