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Integrated Technologies pro-
vides more than simple IT services to
Northern Ontario, U.S., and Caribbean
Bercell Integrated Technologies
BIT) is more accurately a complete
solutions provider to businesses and
organizations who strive to create ef-
ficiencies in their operations. The BIT
team, spread across many offices in
North America, offer clients the op-
portunity to build and grow their or-
ganizations—by providing advanced
technologies and proven solutions.
The company services govern-
ment, education, mining, financial,
health care, forestry, and small busi-
nesses, “understanding the importance
of budgeting, planning and managing
overhead costs.”
The solutions provided by BIT
are developing information technology
infrastructures within an organization
one step at a time, utilizing prior in-
vestment and existing parameters.
BIT offers products including the
smallest IT necessities (ink supplies)
to servers, back-up solutions, printers
and supplies, business workstations,
cables, software, network products, se-
curity appliances, and intangibles such
as consulting services.
The company provides installa-
tions, products and services to a wide
service area, including the United
States, remote areas of Canada, and
the Caribbean--wherever demand has
taken the company’s expertise.
BIT offers extended warranties
and ongoing service to customers, and
strives to be as accommodating as pos-
sible with post-installation care.
Sacha Lostun was one of BIT’s
original team members, and recalls
that the company was filling a much-
needed gap in the marketplace at the
time, specifically in Northern Ontario.
When the company started the cus-
tomer base was small business, and
our business was concentrated in the
Hudson Bay area. Back then it was just
myself and a couple of other employ-
ees—over 50 people work for the com-
pany now,” Lostun remembers.
We began expanding our cus-
tomer base following doing successful
business in the education sector, and
many municipal and federal govern-
ment clients,” he says.
At the time, competition was nil
for the types of services BIT was offer-
ing, because of the remoteness of the
marketplace (further north than other
companies would go in the IT space).
Now, the company has seen many
years of success by providing products
that are related to continuous use
The company provides onsite installation for companies all
over the world--wherever their expertise is necessary.