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Canada Goose

In the first installment of Canadian Industry’s Famous Canadian Brands series, we look at Canada Goose. The company was built from the ground up, much like many Canadian companies, with one significant difference. While many Canadian brands have left the country seeking less expensive manufacturing capabilities, or other international financial incentives, Canada Goose has stayed firmly planted in Canada, celebrating and cherishing its heritage. - view here


For over 60 years, North American Steel Equipment has been manufacturing steel storage equipment in Canada such as pallet racking and heavy duty shelving for customers across North America. However, the company’s brand has continued growing under the radar—until now.

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In this month’s Aboriginal Business Series, CIO had the opportunity to look at the successes and potential for economic development with the Okanagan Indian Band, located in British Columbia.

- view here


BESTECH will be the lead engineering firm on the project, completing the land development, civil, structural, mechanical, instrumentation, and process control requirements.  In conjunction with their partner Praetorian, BESTECH will also manage the construction, procurement, contracts, schedules and cost controls.

- view here


In the past couple of years, natural resources sectors have come under the spotlight in media—as Canada’s energy industry is in distress and global mining jurisdictions face hard times. However, one company is progressing in leaps and bounds: Brazilian mining giant Vale has reason to celebrate this year, as 2016 marks 100 years of operations in Canada for the mineral producer.

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With beginnings that span back to 1923, Sharp’s Audio Visual is a remarkable business story: a company that has managed to “keep up with the times” even though technology looks nothing like it did when Sharp’s was created.

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Like many Canadian corporations, TOA Canada has a history that is rooted in innovation. However, what makes the company unique is its foundation: TOA Canada is the domestic subsidiary of legendary commercial audio, professional sound, and security product manufacturer TOA Corporation, a company that was founded in Kobe Japan in 1934.

- view here


With testimonials like “you have gone above and beyond and it is so appreciated” gracing the company’s website, it’s no wonder that Alpha Poly has lasted more than 25 years. Starting with two employees in a 3,000 square foot facility, the company has grown into an industry leader in Canada, providing customers with a large array of custom poly-packaging solutions.

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In 2016, Canada’s economic landscape has been challenging for many businesses. However, on the cusp of a 40th anniversary, one manufacturer is continuing to set the bar for customer service, and proving that ambition and creativity can weather any economic storm.

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Alpine Aerotech LP, based in British Columbia, is a “Platinum Certified” Bell Helicopter Textron approved Customer Service Facility. The company considers itself a leading edge provider of comprehensive worldwide helicopter support and aircraft maintenance services from its Maintenance and Manufacturing Centre located in Kelowna.

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